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Handling food waste from businesses all across the UK, Eco Food Recycling are the #1 choice for commercial food waste management.

We partner with companies from all regions of the UK & Ireland to help them assess their food recycling needs. This can not only help the environment but also provide an effectove way to reduce overheads as recycling is often cheaper than paying ‘traditional’ waste disposal thanks to increases in landfill tax.

See how we can help by reading some of the stories below or getting in touch today.

Food Packaging Waste: The Next Big Challenge?

Whilst the debate on food recycling seems to be chugging a long at a steady pace, with more and more local authorities see the benefits of proper food waste management, in addition to central government. However, the next battleground already seems to be in sight – and that’s what comes next for food waste packaging. […]

UK Shopping Centres Set Sights on Food Waste Recycling

A complex microcosm of retailers, food outlets, staff and public – shopping centres can be tricky environments to ensure proper food waste management practices are upheld. However, on the of the UK’s biggest city centre shopping malls – Trinity, in Leeds, Yorkshire – has come up with a surprisingly simple tactic as aims to drive […]

Lords Slam European Union Food Waste Tactics

The Lords EU Committee has branded the level of food waste in the UK ‘morally repugnant’ and called for supermarkets to end “buy one get one free” offers in a bid to reduce the amount of store-bought food waste that ends up in landfill. The committee was speaking after the latest figures which show the […]

Food & Drink Manufacturers Make Encouraging Progress in Landfill Reduction

The amount of food, drink and packaging waste being sent to landfill by manufacturers has take a sharp downturn in 2012-13, according to the Food and Drink Federation (FDF). In a new report published this week – titled the Members’ Waste Survey – the FDF’s ket message was one of impressive progress, announcing only 3% […]

Pubs Lead the Way in Food Packaging Recycling

A new report from the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has highlighted the excellence of the humble British Pub in recycling it’s food packaging. The report, ‘Overview of waste in the UK Hospitality and Food Service (HaFS) sector’ highlights that 63% of non-food waste amongst puss is recycled, whilst healthcare services have the lowest at […]

London Launches Business Food Waste & Recycling Scheme

London Mayor Boris Johnson has kicked off a £1m scheme aiming to help businesses in the capital cut down on food waste. Called FoodSave, the project is backed by the Greater London Authority, the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) and the European Regional Development Fund, and will work hand-in-hand with over 240 small and medium […]

Scotland: New Rules for Business Food Waste Set for January 2014

Businesses and commercial bodies in Scotland have been warned that new rules are imminent that must see them ramp up their food recycling efforts or face a fine. Starting from the 1st of January 2014, Scottish businesses must recycle their food waste – alongside plastic, metal, glass and paper – or risk a fine from […]

WRAP Coins New Food Packaging Recycling System

The Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has announced positive preliminary findings from initial tests of a new food waste packaging system, it announced in a report this week. Whilst food recycling has enjoyed significant improvement around the world, recycling food packaging has proved somewhat trickier. The combination of materials require to package some food items […]

Sainsbury’s Celebrates Zero Waste to Landfill

Following on from announcing it’s 20×20 sustainability goals in 2010, Sainsbury’s has announced it has achieved it’s goal of sending zero waste to landfill. Originally one of a set of twenty targets to be met by 2020, the supermarket giant have successfully reigned in it’s store-level food recycling with a number of innovative initiatives to […]

Co-Op Aim to Divert All Store Food Waste From Landfill By End of Summer

Following on from last-week’s news that Tesco would be stepping up the food recycling commitment across it’s stores, the Co-operative Group also detailed a new scheme to raise standards throughout it’s brand. However, unlike Tesco’s aim to improve their food recycling efforts, The Co-operative say that their scheme aims to divert all their store’s food […]

Tesco Revamps Food Waste Strategy, With a Charitable Twist

 UK Supermarket Tesco has revealed new plans to step up it’s food recycling as it discussed the company’s new approach corporate responsibility goals this week. Tesco chief executive, Philip Clarke, used the presentation of the retailer’s ‘Tesco and Society Report 2013’ to call for improved food waste management and a more transparency in how it […]

Scotland Targets Sustainable Future for Restaurant Recycling

A Scottish trade body has called upon the food and drink recycling to aim for sustainability at the launch of a new food recycling initiative this month.

DEFRA Urges Proper Food Recycling After Meat Scandals

Government officials have urged that both businesses and commercial organisations take the proper steps to ensure waste food is recycled properly following the ‘horse meat’ scandals that have affected several large organisations recently. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have both urged consumers and suppliers to […]

Commercial food waste collections featured on Meridian News

Ringwood based Eco Food Recycling, the leading collector of business and commercial food waste in the South,were featured heavily on Meridian News Tonight, 4th January 2013,during the feature on food wasted during the festive period. Eco Food Recycling who collect commercial food waste from the catering and hospitality sector including Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants had […]

Seagulls: The Unlikely Casualties in the War Against Food Waste

As people send less food waste to landfill, it’s having an unexpected effect on the seagull population.

Reasons to recycle Commercial Food waste

Many companies are looking for reasons to increase their recycling figures and by having food waste collected and recycled is an easy way to hit those targets. Although there are not the same number of carriers collecting commercial food waste as there is with other waste streams it is still possible to find specialists like […]

Food waste collection company puts customers first

Eco Food Recycling the leading commercial food waste collection company in the South have yet again put their customers needs at the forefront of their business ethic by collecting commercial food waste over the Jubilee Bank Holiday’s. With Hotels Pubs, Restaurants and Supermarkets bursting at the seams during the Queens Jubilee celebrations it amounts to […]

Food waste collections destined for new AD plant

Eco Food Recycling the leading collector of commercial food waste in the south will be utilising a new AD plant in the coming weeks when its collections will be diverted from its current IVC destination. Over 5,000 tonnes of commercial food waste collected by Eco Food Recycling will be taken to the new AD ( anaerobic […]

Commercial food waste recycling bins to be heated ?

Eco Food Recycling collecting commercial food waste. When the country is gripped in sub zero temperatures nobody thinks of the “poor old bin man ” who has to go out in all weather conditions. Although extreme weather causes problems for all refuse collectors it is the companies that have commercial food waste collections that face […]

Many businesses unaware of food waste recycling regulations

Producers of commercial food waste are mostly unaware of the implications that the Waste Hierarchy has on this particular waste stream. It is now a legal obligation to sign a declaration on your waste transfer note that you have applied the waste hierachy, meaning that food waste must be recycled before the option of sending […]

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