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Eco Food Recycling was founded in 27th April 2010 and has grown significantly on the strength of its reputation for delivering on its promises. Eco Food Recycling collects waste food in its heartland of southern England and beyond, stretching out across the whole of England. It uses specialist waste food collection vehicles designed for the sole purpose of retaining high liquid content wastes like food waste.

At ECO we recognise that it is important not to waste food. It’s a valuable resource. We work with our customers to help them minimise their waste food. But where it is wasted it is imperative that it is collected and treated properly. Eco Food Recycling will always ensure that your waste food isn’t wasted twice; it will always go into an approved AD plant and be used to create renewable energy. In doing so your food waste is helping to decarbonise our economy and contributing towards the UK meet it’s renewable energy and recycling targets.

Aside from environmental savings though Eco Food Recycling can also help you save money. Our service is efficient and the cost of treatment through AD is less than traditional routes like landfill and incineration. From national businesses to small corner shops we will save you money and use your waste food to save our precious environment.

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