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Welcome to Eco Food Recycling,

Eco Food Recycling offers a commercial food waste collection service in Central Southern England. Our food collection (100% recycling) service is now available in Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Surrey and Sussex with our own fleet of specialist food waste trucks with highly trained drivers.

In addition to the counties Eco covers with it’s own fleet a national food waste collection (recycling) service is now available through our extensive “partnership programme”. Bin lift collections and bulk disposal services are now available across the whole of the UK via Eco food Recycling.

Food Waste Management is paramount in today’s commercial world where the need to reduce an organisations’ carbon footprint and control costs is critical. Food Waste is commonly the last waste stream to recycle and our clients typically benefit from significant cost savings as food waste is the heaviest part of a general waste stream. The UK government are continually increasing prices for landfill disposal via the annual landfill tax increases, therefore increasing the cost of service for general waste collections creating great incentives for all commercial companies and organisations to increase their recycling rates.

A full list of company types and organisations that can benefit from recycling 100% of their food waste are listed below. Case studies are available for each and every type upon request.

All food waste that is collected by Eco Food Recycling is 100% recycled by AD ( anaerobic digestion ) technology whereby renewable energy is created with a zero waste to landfill solution for all of our clients.

Anaerobic digestion is is highly advanced technology that breaks down organic food products with bacterial micro-organisms. Anaerobic digestion creates biogas, a methane-rich gas that is used as a fuel plus digestate (nutrient rich), and acts as a powerful fertiliser. Increasingly AD is being utilised to make the most of our food waste by turning it into renewable energy. 100% of all food waste collected by Eco Food Recycling is converted into renewable energy through AD. The biogas created is then used to generate electricity which is linked directly into the national grid.

Rotting food waste that is dumped in landfill sites creates more methane than any other waste, a climate change gas that is 22 times more powerful than CO2. This is extremely detrimental to our environment. It makes sense that any organisation or company that cares for our future environment should recycle their food waste and give us all a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Does your business or organisation fit into the following categories below, are you up to date with the recent government Waste Hierarchy regulations?

Large Offices (with canteens), Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Shopping Centres, Holiday Parks, Leisure Parks, Sports Stadiums, Hospitals, Prisons, Care Homes, Food Producers, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Nurseries, Garden Centres, Local Authorities, Cafe’s, Takeaways, Department Stores, Super Markets, Distribution Centres, Sports Clubs, and Gymnasiums.

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