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Eco Food Recycling offers a commercial food waste collection service in Southern England including Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire,Wiltshire,Surrey and Sussex  and specialising in the Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood, Wimborne and surrounding area’s.

Southampton and Portsmouth area’s also have collections daily and are expanding markets for the company.

A national food waste collection service is available through our extensive “partnership programme”. Bin lift collections and bulk disposal are available.

Food Waste Management is paramount in today’s commercial world where the need to reduce the carbon footprint and control costs are so important.

With Government targets being set to recycle waste rather than go to landfill sites the importance of 100% food recycling which is handled by Eco Food Recycling will be of great interest to schools who need to recycle their food waste and reduce greenhouse gasses within the environment but also promote to their students the cost and social benefits of a fully recycled society.

Food Waste recycling in Bournemouth and Poole will also be of interest to local Hospitals, Colleges and Universities as they strive to cut costs but have the need for a commercial food waste collection service.

The need to recycle food waste in the area, that will be handled by the collection service of Eco Food Recycling, will also benefit the many Hotels, large and small, and Restaurants and Pubs that saturate the south coast to accommodate the strong tourist trade that we have.

By using the very latest processes to 100% recycle commercial food waste, Eco Food Recycling, will also help the environment as the prolonged process that the waste must go through will ultimately be turned into compost and be re-distributed back out onto the fields of our beautiful land to make ”for a GREENER future” for us all.

In the near future Eco Food Recycling will be taking the commercial food waste that is collected to a nearby Anaerobic Digester (AD) plant that will recycle the food waste and produce energy and fertiliser.

Rotting food waste that is dumped in landfill sites creates methane, a climate change gas that is 22 times more powerful than CO2 It makes sense that any organisation or company with a responsibility for our future environment should look to 100% recycle their food waste and give us a more sustainable future.

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