Our Offer

Wheeled bin food waste collections

ECO offer lined wheelie bins of varying sizes to fit your requirements. From small 120 litre bins right up to 360 litre bins. We also offer small kitchen caddies and innovative “under the counter” bins for back of house use prior to removal into the wheeled bin. These bins feature a touch free innovation which means kitchen staff do not come into contact with waste food. Wheeled bins are lined with a plastic liner after every collection by our drivers thereby ensuring your bins remain in good order, odour and detritus free. Services can be scheduled on any day or multiple days each week as we will always have food waste collection vehicles within your postcode area.

Bulk food waste collections

Eco Food Recycling offer bulk food waste removal services via open/closed roll on containers, bulkers or walking floor trailers. Eco Food Recycling have a network of reputable hauliers that are experienced in managing larger waste food volumes from a variety of customer types including but not limited to supermarkets, food manufacturing sites, shopping centres, distribution centres, contract caterers. Services are available on a regular “milk round” or ad-hoc basis. Eco Food Recycling will always ensure that the waste food is collected and processed in accordance with the waste hierarchy. Eco Food Recycling has partner AD facilities all appropriately inspected and licenced to comply with Animal Byproduct Regulations. All Eco Food Recycling partner AD plants are accredited to the PAS-110 standard for liquid digstate so food waste is unequivocally recycled into a product for use within the agricultural sector.

Freezer breakdowns/surplus food waste

If food is spoiled due to the malfunction of freezers, chillers or cold rooms, ECO can respond rapidly collecting all the food waste within a matter of hours. This waste food will always be taken to an AD process and converted into renewable energy.

Non-food waste streams

ECO have partnered up with a number of waste management businesses that offer the full spectrum of waste services including general waste, DMR, plastics, WEEE and glass. If your business generates food waste and other waste streams ECO can offer a single point service for all your waste collection needs.

  • We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and therefore we wont try and site more containers than you actually need.

  • We will suggest bin numbers and sizes and a frequency of collection. We are confident we can save you money. It is much more expensive to leave food waste in the general waste bin and allow it to go to landfill sites than it is to separate out and send to AD plants.

  • We will review how your service is going after a few weeks and adapt your requirements as necessary. This might be time of collection, frequency or an increase or reduction in the number of bins on your site. We will always be honest and straightforward about getting you the right service.

  • Our specialist waste food collection vehicles will collect your waste cleanly and efficiently. Our drivers are very professional and will always clean up after themselves and ensure that each of your bins as a fresh liner in it after every collection.

  • Anaerobic Digestion - Eco Food Recycling have partner AD plants across the UK and all the waste we collect ends up at an approved facility. The fact that your waste goes to AD means it is diverted from landfill, it is at exactly the correct point in the waste hierarchy and it is helping to generate renewable gas and electricity to help preserve our environment.

  • Finally we can offer you an account manager who will liaise with you on a regular basis providing whatever management information you require to comply with your CSR requirements.