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Parisian restaurants have banded together to push forward new standards on recycling food waste this week ahead of new government legislation on how the hospitality sector in France handles food waste.

Politicians in France agreed on a 2016 introduction of regulation that will see caterers have food waste collection enforced upon them in eighteen months time.

However, over eighty restaurants, caterers and hotels have teamed up to introduce their own system ahead of the deadline and start food waste collection in the French capital soon.

Recent surveys carried out by the Paris municipal government showed the city’s hospitality sector is the biggest source of food waste; producing some 10 tonnes of food waste every year.

The National Syndication of Hotel, Restaurant, Coffeeshop Keepers and Caterers of Ile-de-France and Ademe region have thrown their support behind the restaurants that have elected to bring in food waste recycling ahead of government enforcement.

Predications by the Council estimate that by 2025, using food waste to create biofuel could yield 380Gwh every year based on a feedstock yield of 175,000 tonnes from more restaurants around the country.

Whilst no concrete date has been set by the eight restaurants involved in the proactive scheme, the group have said they intend for all businesses who have committed to the plan will be having food waste collections well before the 2016 date that others in the hospitality sector will have to conform to.

Paris is the latest major city to enforce more responsible waste management from caterers, restaurants and pubs.

New York, London and Edinburgh are others who have made large in-roads in food waste handling in the last few years, as well as the introduction of larger-yield anaerobic digesters.