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Christmas is just around the corner, the family gatherings, the presents and all that delicious food that we eat and waste. Yes I said waste! During the holidays we tend to not pay any attention to the amount of food wasted, which could be reused or recycled properly. Here are some tips to help you reduce food waste during the holidays.

Did you know that every year here in the UK we throw away 7.2 million tonnes of food from our homes? This costs an average family, with children, around £680 a year or £50 a month, not to mention the environmental implications.

1 – Learn from Previous Years

I’m sure this is not your first Christmas and it won’t be your last either, so by trying to remember what was wasted last year could help you reduce your waste this year.This can be hard because everybody wants to make sure they don’t skimp on their Christmas dinner but try to be realistic with portion sizes.

Remember what the least popular dishes from last year and either make less of them or substitute them with new dishes this year and keep a record for future years.

2 – Store and distribute.

Plastic containers are an option to store your leftovers but to avoid eating turkey, pumpkin pie and other sliced, diced and baked food from Christmas until mid January, why not distribute some leftovers to your relatives? Prepare take away portions into plastic containers for them to take away with them when they leave.

3 – Be Creative with your Leftovers

There are countless options to turn your leftovers into delicious and creative meals. Sandwiches, curries and stews can be made with leftovers from turkey and ham. Turkey’s carcass is well know to make a good stock but if you don’t feel like doing it straight away you can freeze and use it on a later date.

Smoked salmon leftovers can be added to scrambled eggs and put onto toasted muffins or toast. A great option for Boxing Day breakfast with a Bucks fizz! has an extensive list of ideas and suggestions to help you throw away as little food as possible this holiday.

4 – Organise a Neighbourhood Collection Service

If your county doesn’t have a food waste collection service try to organize an independent food waste collection service from an independent food waste collection and recycling company like Eco Food Recycling.

Not every Local Authority operates a kerbside collection for residential food waste and commercial food waste is totally neglected leaving Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Schools and Company Canteens to use Eco Food Recycling in their quest to divert food waste from landfill.

Any business that requires a food waste collection in the UK can contact Eco Food Recycling who will arrange for your food waste to be fully recycled and improve your carbon footprint. At the same time your CSR will benefit from a zero waste to landfill solution.

Those were our tips to help you reduce food waste these holidays. Got a tip you would like share? Use the comments below or head to our Facebook Page and post your tip there.