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100% Recycling

invessel1.jpg no 2 100% Recycling******** From early June 2012 the food waste collected by Eco Food Recycling will be going to the recently built AD ( anaerobic digestion ) plant at Piddlehinton nr Dorchester. This purpose built recycling plant that creates renewable energy from the methane gas that is produced by food waste will be the first plant of its kind in the South of England. ********



Our aim at Eco Food Recycling is to ensure all food waste we collect is processed to the highest standards and is 100% recycled. We provide a door to door collection round throughout the Wessex region specialising in commercial food waste. In partnership with ECO Sustainable Solutions we use a process called In-Vessel Composting to turn food waste into safe rich compost. This process occurs at ECO’s purpose built facility in Parley, Dorset and is governed by strict EU guidelines.

Throughout the manufacturing process a high standard of environmental integrity and product monitoring is maintained by trained, committed and professional staff, in conjunction with various external agencies.
ECO is a a Founder member of The Association for Organics Recycling and a member of BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries), CIWM (Chartered Institute of Waste Management), and the Turf Growers Association.

Collection & Processing

Commercial food waste is collected in Bio-Degradeable bags and placed in our high quality secure bins on your premises. This is then collected by our purpose built vehicle on a regular basis and taken to ECO’s facility to be 100% recycled.

100% Recycled Composting Process

Eco operate a fully licensed EU Category 3 In-vessel Composting facility, allowing us to process cooked and uncooked meat and foodstuffs from source separated and commercial sources. The material is first of all shredded through a 12mm screen and then put in to sealed units (clamps), where it is left for 10 – 12 days to heat up to a minimum of 70c for at least 1 hour to sterilise. The temperatures are automatically monitored and recorded during this period. Once the batch has reached the required standard and is sampled and analysed, it is moved outside for maturation for a further 12 – 14 weeks. After this, the nutrient rich compost is screened (with any plastic residue separated) and used on our turf fields to replenish the soil harvested during the turf process, thereby allowing us to grow sustainable and nutrient rich turf.

ECO History

Company Mission Statement
To provide our customers and the local community with efficient, sustainable resource management by encouraging staff development, continuously enhancing product quality and exceeding the highest standards of service and supply demanded by our stakeholders.

The ECO story began in 1993 when Managing Director Trelawney Dampney identified the potential in composting landscaper’s waste on his land in Parley, Dorset and selling the end product.
From small beginnings the company has experienced rapid growth as the environmental and social demand for sustainable resource management has increased. The company’s flair for trail blazing, innovation and marketing has kept it at the front of a burgeoning industry and it takes this responsibility very seriously.
ECO now owns and operates the UK’s leading purpose-built site for organics recycling. Not surprisingly Eco is leading in the way it manufactures a range of products from a number of sustainable source of green waste.

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a treatment process which harnesses natural bacteria to produce biogas and a residue known as digestate, from waste biodegradable materials, such as agricultural manure and slurry, food waste and sewage sludge. As a result of this process the by-products can be used to produce energy and fuels.

Looking to the future ECO Sustainable Solutions will be building a new 5.5 million state of the art AD (Anaerobic Digester) Plant  in Piddle Hinton near Dorchester. This will be open within the next twelve months and much of the food waste currently being turned into compost will be used to create energy for the consumer and business markets.

The AD plant will be on land previously used for pig units. It will take in up to 12,000 tonnes of pig slurry and 25,000 tonnes of organic waste, such as food scraps, annually and use this to create methane gas. The gas will be used to generate up to 700KW of electricity for supply to the national grid. The solid and liquid waste, both end products of the process, will be used as fertiliser and soil improver on local farms.

Trelawney Dampney, Eco’s Managing Director said the new plant will help Dorset County Council achieve its waste reduction aims as well as contribute to the UK’s renewable energy targets.

He added: “The planning decision is very good news not least because it will help divert material away from landfill.

“We have to find an alternative fuel to oil. Generating energy from food waste is the most economically and environmentally sustainable way of doing it.”

Zero Landfill

By converting the waste we collect into compost we can proudly boast a ZERO LANDFILL solution, something we are very proud of. Commercial food waste and general waste has long been dumped in landfill sites as this was the most convenient and only solution available. This however has had a dramatic effect on our climate and has seen a huge increase in the amount of greenhouse gasses produced. Nearly 32% of methane emissions are produced from landfill sites throughout the country a gas which is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

With landfill taxes (introduced in 1996) rising on average 32% per year cheaper and more sustainable environmental solutions are at hand i.e In-Vessel Composting and Anaerobic Digestion. In 2007 local Government Officials estimated that room for landfill will run out in 9 years time hence the need to find alternatives.

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