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If you’re a hotel that requires effective, reliable food waste management, look no further than Eco Food Recycling. With huge amounts of experience, we can help your business go green with zero-waste-to-landfill solutions.

Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs Reap Rewards for Food Recycling

One year after promising to reduce food waste and handle food recycling more effectively as part of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement (HaFSA), the hospitality sector has revealed savings over £10m in it’s first year report.  Published this month by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), businesses signed on to participate in the […]

Parisian Restaurants Push for Earlier Food Recycling in Hospitality Sector

Parisian restaurants have banded together to push forward new standards on recycling food waste this week ahead of new government legislation on how the hospitality sector in France handles food waste. Politicians in France agreed on a 2016 introduction of regulation that will see caterers have food waste collection enforced upon them in eighteen months […]

Cat 3 ABP food waste collections

All commercial food waste collection companies who collect Cat 3 ABP ( animal by products ) must be licensed by the AHVLA. The Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency must register all collection companies if they are to carry commercial food waste.Eco Food Recycling, based in Ringwood, are one of the few companies in the […]

Commercial food waste collections featured on Meridian News

Ringwood based Eco Food Recycling, the leading collector of business and commercial food waste in the South,were featured heavily on Meridian News Tonight, 4th January 2013,during the feature on food wasted during the festive period. Eco Food Recycling who collect commercial food waste from the catering and hospitality sector including Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants had […]

Reasons to recycle Commercial Food waste

Many companies are looking for reasons to increase their recycling figures and by having food waste collected and recycled is an easy way to hit those targets. Although there are not the same number of carriers collecting commercial food waste as there is with other waste streams it is still possible to find specialists like […]

Food waste collections on the increase

Food waste collection and recycling company Eco Food Recycling reached the landmark of 1 million kgs of food waste in their first twelve months of collections. The landmark of 1,000 tonnes of food waste which is collected and then recycled at Eco Sustainable Solutions site next to Bournemouth Airport is turned into a nutrient rich […]

Food waste collection and recycling figures rise by 800%

Southern based commercial food waste collection and recycling company Eco Food Recycling have seen dramatic growth in their business as they enter their second year of food waste collections. The company who are now the leading southern independant food waste collection and recycling specialist commenced commercial food waste collections in August 2010 and by the […]

Hospitality and Catering Food Waste collected in abundance by Eco Food Recycling

Hospitality and catering food waste accounts for millions of tonnes per year and Eco Food Recycling the leading independant food waste collection and recycling company in the south are collecting from some of the biggest names in the UK. The hospitality sector includes hotels, pubs and restaurants when you are talking about food waste and […]

Food waste recycling features high on DEFRA waste review

DEFRA produced its Government Review of Waste Policy in England 2011  this week ( 14th June ) and food waste collections both commercial and domestic featured very highly as the Government looks to divert waste from landfill. Caroline Spelman pointed out in her Ministerial Foreward: Waste is a major contributor to methane emissions and, if […]

Major Hotel chain expand food waste collections with Eco Food Recycling

Eco Food Recycling the southern based independant food waste collection and recycling company have been selected to roll out further sites within the Hotel du Vin and Malmaison chain to collect food waste, have it recycled and increase their landfill diversion figures. After a successful two month trial at Hotel du Vin, Winchester where 5.5 […]

Castlepoint Shopping Park approach 50 tonne of food waste collected

Castlepoint Shopping Park in Bournemouth opened in 2003 and with 645,000 sq ft of retail space is the largest shopping park in the UK covering 41 acres. Peter Matthews, General Manager, arrived in 2005 and soon had recycling on his agenda. Before 2006 the centre had no recycling policy and disposing of waste was a […]

Food waste collections on the agenda at Stonehenge

Witshire Wildlife Trust chose Eco Food Recycling to handle their food waste when they held the Sarsen Trail event, a 26 mile route from Avebury to Stonehenge. In excess of 2,500 people either ran, walked or biked along the route this weekend ( Sunday May 1st ) and the environment was high on the agenda […]

Eco Food Recycling take delivery on new food waste vehicle

Eco Food Recycling have taken delivery of a new vehicle to add to their fleet. The new NTM 7.5 tonne vehicle was delivered in response to an ever growing order book of food waste collections within their area. The Ringwood based specialist food waste collection and recycling company have revised their projections for 2011 food […]

Food waste recycling in the New Forest on the increase with Eco Food Recycling

Eco Food Recycling the Ringwood based food waste collection and recycling company have expanded their food waste collection round in the New Forest area after increased demand from Hotels and Restaurants in the vicinity. Although the area is not densley populated it still has a vast amount of Hotels and Restaurants because of the attraction […]

Catering food waste destined to be recycled in the future

Catering food waste has been sent via general waste bins to landfill for many years but this is sure to change if a landfill ban for food waste is mentioned in the Governments waste review strategy next month. With the options for catering food waste to go to either anaerobic digestion plants or in vessel […]

Big push for food waste collections and recycling

With the landfill tax increase only weeks away their is a concerted effort from all of the major waste carriers namely Biffa, Sita and Veolia to increase food waste collections and to have them recycled as opposed to being sent to landfill. Food waste is the heaviest waste stream left in the general waste bin […]

Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs increase food waste collection and recycling as landfill tax rise looms

All of the major waste carriers are looking to take the weight away from the general waste bins of their clients by having food waste collections and recycling the waste stream as opposed to landfill. Hotels, restaurants and pubs are big producers of food waste and are some of the main clients of the large […]

Food waste collections and recycling to benefit as landfill tax rises

With landfill tax rising to £56 per tonne on April 1st, and  more increases due in subsequent years, the cost of recycling food waste will become cheaper year by year for any food waste producers. Food waste collections have always deemed to be expensive when compared with general waste collections destined for landfill sites but […]

Food waste recycling to increase as landfill tax rises

Food waste collection and recycling services are due to attract increased interest from businesses as landfill tax rises come into effect in April. The commercial sector has, for a long time, just dumped food waste into general waste bins destined for landfill but as the rate of landfill tax rises each year the “cost neutral” […]

Business food waste collections increase in southern counties

Commercial food waste collections are on the increase because of the efforts of Ringwood based company Eco Food Recycling. With legislation looming preventing food waste being sent to landfill the entrepeneural skills of two ex international sportsmen have given businesses the opportunity to have their food waste collected and recycled. Both Andy Jones and Simon […]

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