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Effective waste stream solutions and audits are all part of our food waste management service here at Eco Food Recycling. Get all the details, here.

Food Waste to be Turned into Raw Materials for Manufacturing & Fuel

The North of England has become one of the most innovative areas in the country as the CPI (Centre for Process Innovation) will take food waste and process it as graphene. Food waste has been recycled by either IVC ( In Vessel Composting ) or AD ( Anaerobic Digestion ) technology for many years but […]

Three Super Start-Ups Out to Tackle Food Waste

Food waste isn’t a problem with just one solution. Proper handling of food waste after it has spoiled is one way of ensuring it doesn’t end up in a landfill (which is what we do), but bright sparks all over the world are thinking of ways to tackle the issue further up the supply chain. […]

London Launches Business Food Waste & Recycling Scheme

London Mayor Boris Johnson has kicked off a £1m scheme aiming to help businesses in the capital cut down on food waste. Called FoodSave, the project is backed by the Greater London Authority, the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) and the European Regional Development Fund, and will work hand-in-hand with over 240 small and medium […]

London Residents Can save ‘up to £79m’ with Proper Food Recycling

A new campaign to help West London homes cut down on food waste has launched, with the message that London homes could save a combined total of £79m with proper food waste management. A Love Food Hate Waste campaign – the likes of which we’ve seen rolled out country wide over the cast year or […]

Have Your Say – Europe Launches Public Food Waste Consultation

A public consultation has been launched by the European Commission in a bid to cut down on food waste across the continent. Entitled ‘Sustainability of the Food System’, the European Commission hopes to gather views and insight into food production and consumption by people living in European Union member states. Running from July 9th  to […]

Yorkshire Food Waste Site Faces Hefty Fine

A troubled household and food waste management site in Yorkshire could face further woe as the government has threatened the local authority that runs it with a large fine The Allerton park household waste management site near the A1 is due to have a new incinerator built as part of it’s services, however staunch opposition […]

Sainsbury’s Tackle Domestic Food Recycling With New Campaign

Sainsbury’s supermarkets have launched a new campaign today aimed at encouraging customers to pay more attention to the food waste they generate each week, and cut down on what they do throw away. Rather than focusing on a more generalised campaign, Sainsbury’s have taken the innovative approach on just focusing on a single meal – […]

Waste Recycled Surpasses Amount to Landfill for First Time In England

A DEFRA report announces that recycling, reusing and composting has surpassed waste landfill for the first time on record.

Wales Hits 53% Food Recycling Rate

Welsh food recycling figures improve by 2% over 2011, beat target set for 2012-13 already.

Ground Broken on Wales’ First Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Wales breaks ground on it’s first Anaerobic Digestion plant, and announces a new environmental committee structure.

Environment Commissionner: “EU Needs a Food Waste Management Revolution”

EU Environmental commissioner Janez Potočnik has called on retailers to start a food waste management ‘revolution’ at the Retail Forum for Sustainability 2012.

Bath Leads UK Food Waste Figures

Bath & North East Somerset expect to have recycled 10,000 tonnes of food by the end of the year.

Seagulls: The Unlikely Casualties in the War Against Food Waste

As people send less food waste to landfill, it’s having an unexpected effect on the seagull population.

Calls for America to Go on Food Waste Diet

Report shops that the average American family wastes almost 40% of the food that the buy from stores.

England Reaches 42.9% Recycling Rate, Huge Drop in Waste to Landfill

Defra reports 42.9% Recycling Rate in England, with a 15% drop in waste to landfill

Government Urged to Ban Food Waste from Landfills

Thinktank CentreForum have urged the UK government to ban Food Waste from landfills, this week.

London 2012: The First Sustainable Games in History

The London 2012 Olympic Games will mark the beginning of a new era, the era of sustainable Games. London was the first summer Host City to embed sustainability in its planning from the start and if everything goes according to plan London 2012 will be the first zero waste Olympic Games in history. To achieve […]

Pickles’ £250m Fund to Accept Organic and Food Waste

Eric Pickles’ £250 million Weekly Collection Support Scheme will now accept organic and food waste. The announcement was made last Friday (February 3) by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). Back in September 2010, Conservative MP for Brentwood and Ongar, Eric Pickles, unveiled the plans of a scheme to support councils who wish […]

Commercial food waste recycling bins to be heated ?

Eco Food Recycling collecting commercial food waste. When the country is gripped in sub zero temperatures nobody thinks of the “poor old bin man ” who has to go out in all weather conditions. Although extreme weather causes problems for all refuse collectors it is the companies that have commercial food waste collections that face […]

Food waste collections and The Waste Hierachy

For many commercial food waste collection carriers getting new customers has been a problem when the price charged for a 240 ltr food waste bin does not compare to the  price for an 1100 ltr general waste bin. Until legislation is brought in then the waste producer will obviously choose the cheapest option until forced […]

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