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Keep up to date on all the changes to the law regarding the recycling and disposal of food waste, right here from the experts at Eco Food Recycling.

Cardiff Gets Tough on Food Recycling with ‘On-the-Spot’ Fines

The City of Cardiff will become one of the first major cities in the UK to enforce a fine for not properly recycling food as the council rolls out a “zero tolerance” stance on food waste and litter. Household discovered to be putting leftover food scraps in black bags will be monitored by council waste […]

Commercial food waste recycling bins to be heated ?

Eco Food Recycling collecting commercial food waste. When the country is gripped in sub zero temperatures nobody thinks of the “poor old bin man ” who has to go out in all weather conditions. Although extreme weather causes problems for all refuse collectors it is the companies that have commercial food waste collections that face […]

Food waste recycling features high on DEFRA waste review

DEFRA produced its Government Review of Waste Policy in England 2011  this week ( 14th June ) and food waste collections both commercial and domestic featured very highly as the Government looks to divert waste from landfill. Caroline Spelman pointed out in her Ministerial Foreward: Waste is a major contributor to methane emissions and, if […]

Business food waste collection and recycling on the increase ahead of waste review

With the imminent publication of the DEFRA’S waste review strategy next week, which is expected to propose legislation on food waste being diverted from landfill in the future,momemtum is building from many sectors to divert food waste from landfill immediately. Eco Food Recycling the southern based food waste collection and recycling company who offer a […]

Harvest Fine Foods divert 50 tonnes of food waste from landfill

Harvest Fine Foods enrolled the services of Eco Food Recycling in January to find a sustainable solution to the waste produced from there new pre-prepared fruit and veg service that they were launching to their client base. In the first 5 months of 2011 in-excess of 50 tonnes of food waste has been collected by […]

Castlepoint Shopping Park approach 50 tonne of food waste collected

Castlepoint Shopping Park in Bournemouth opened in 2003 and with 645,000 sq ft of retail space is the largest shopping park in the UK covering 41 acres. Peter Matthews, General Manager, arrived in 2005 and soon had recycling on his agenda. Before 2006 the centre had no recycling policy and disposing of waste was a […]

Food waste collections on the agenda at Stonehenge

Witshire Wildlife Trust chose Eco Food Recycling to handle their food waste when they held the Sarsen Trail event, a 26 mile route from Avebury to Stonehenge. In excess of 2,500 people either ran, walked or biked along the route this weekend ( Sunday May 1st ) and the environment was high on the agenda […]

Eco Food Recycling take delivery on new food waste vehicle

Eco Food Recycling have taken delivery of a new vehicle to add to their fleet. The new NTM 7.5 tonne vehicle was delivered in response to an ever growing order book of food waste collections within their area. The Ringwood based specialist food waste collection and recycling company have revised their projections for 2011 food […]

Catering food waste destined to be recycled in the future

Catering food waste has been sent via general waste bins to landfill for many years but this is sure to change if a landfill ban for food waste is mentioned in the Governments waste review strategy next month. With the options for catering food waste to go to either anaerobic digestion plants or in vessel […]

Big push for food waste collections and recycling

With the landfill tax increase only weeks away their is a concerted effort from all of the major waste carriers namely Biffa, Sita and Veolia to increase food waste collections and to have them recycled as opposed to being sent to landfill. Food waste is the heaviest waste stream left in the general waste bin […]

Food waste recycling to increase as landfill tax rises

Food waste collection and recycling services are due to attract increased interest from businesses as landfill tax rises come into effect in April. The commercial sector has, for a long time, just dumped food waste into general waste bins destined for landfill but as the rate of landfill tax rises each year the “cost neutral” […]

Business food waste collections increase in southern counties

Commercial food waste collections are on the increase because of the efforts of Ringwood based company Eco Food Recycling. With legislation looming preventing food waste being sent to landfill the entrepeneural skills of two ex international sportsmen have given businesses the opportunity to have their food waste collected and recycled. Both Andy Jones and Simon […]

Hotel du Vin commence food waste recycling with Eco Food Recycling

Hotel du Vin, Winchester are about to commence food waste recycling in an effort to reduce the amount of waste that is going to landfill and increase their “green credentials” within their group. In conjunction with their waste management company , 1st Waste Management Consultants from Bournemouth and Eco Food Recycling the largest independant specialised […]

WRAP claims that majority of schools food waste is avoidable

A recent WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) report has stated that 78% of schools food waste is avoidable. WRAP director of local government services Phillip Ward said: “It doesn’t make sense for food to be wasted if that can be avoided and, in most cases, it can. Apart from the cost and the carbon […]

Food waste collection and recycling by SME’s dependant on new disposal sites

With food waste being diverted from landfill a very hot topic at present in the waste industry it is the availability of new disposal sites to recycle the food waste that is paramount. Eco Food Recycling the souths leading independant food waste collection and recycling company are being approached on a weekly basis by prospective […]

Harvest Fine Foods divert over 8 tonnes of food waste peelings in only 3 weeks

Harvest Fine Foods, the Christchurch based Food wholesaler, who recently started their prepared vegetables service to their client base have diverted, from landfill, in excess of 8 tonnes of veg peelings in only 3 weeks. The company decided to use the expertise of local food waste collection and recycling firm Eco Food Recycling as they […]

Eco Food Recycling confirm food waste to be sent to AD

Eco Food Recycling the Ringwood based commercial food waste and recycling company have confirmed that the food waste that is currently collected on their rounds will be taken to the new AD ( Anaerobic Digestion ) plant once it is opened in the autumn near Dorchester. Currently the commercial food waste that is collected from […]

Food waste bin weights prove to be heavy

Eco Food Recycling the Ringwood based food waste collection and recycling company have  completed a six month study of bin weights where commercial food waste is concerned. With commercial food waste collections being made from establishments such as Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Universities, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Schools and Leisure Parks the bin weight figures have been […]

Food waste tops the agenda at NISP workshop instigated by Eco Food Recycling

The NISP  “Food for thought” workshop held at Dudsbury Golf Club this week ( Tuesday 25th January) and co-sponsored by Eco Food Recycling attracted many local businesses that were looking to have food waste collected and diverted from landfill. The half day event was attended by a selected group that included  Bournemouth Borough Council, Hall […]

Eco Food Recycling have food waste recycled into compost

Eco Food Recycling the Ringwood based food waste collection and recycling company are disposing of the commercial food waste that they collect from Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Schools, Universities and Colleges, Care Homes and Food Producers to name but a few at a local composting facility close to Bournemouth Airport. The company that started collecting commercial […]

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