Food Waste Recycling

In vessell composting facility at ECo Sustainable Solutions

Eco Food Recycling will offer a zero landfill option to local businesses in the Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood and Wimborne area’s through comprehensive food waste recycling which is guaranteed to recycle 100% all of their commercial food waste.

The daily and weekly food waste collection service that will be handled by our fleet of vehicles will transport your food waste, covered by our DEFRA Duty of Care, and dispose of the waste at the recycling depot in South Dorset.

October 2007 saw a Landfill Directive amendment come into force requiring businesses in England and Wales too pre-treat all waste before sending to landfill.

This can be done by sorting and segregating waste and  appointing a licensed waste carrier to recycle, recover or compost at least part of the waste produced.

Companies and small businesses that break the law are liable to fines from the Environment Agency.

Research from the Environment Agency’s regulation guidance site, NetRegs.gov.uk found that more than one third of small firms were not recycling their waste.

Andy Hill, former Sales and Marketing Director of Eco Sustainable Solutions, said many businesses still seemed to be “completely in the dark” about the new legislation.

He added: “There does seem to be a staggering ignorance about these important new regulations.

“There has been a fair amount of publicity in the trade and business press but this has been missed by many. The result is that many businesses are, no doubt unintentionally, flouting the law and leaving themselves open to prosecution.”

At present there is no legislation in place for businesses to recycle their food waste but it is anticipated that it will be forthcoming.

Many large companies are already looking at the moral and environmental issues concerning the current handling of their food waste. Many have already hired specialised food waste recycling services like the one offered by Eco Food Recycling to ensure their food waste is properly dealt with.

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