Food Waste Management

Eco Food Recycling offers a complete food waste management service for businesses based in the South of England including Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex with special emphasis to Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood, Wimborne and the surrounding area’s.

Our food waste management services include food waste collection from your business location, transportation to Eco Sustainable Solutions composting facility where it will be transformed into a nutrient rich compost. Ensuring that 0% of all food waste collected by Eco Food Recycling goes to landfill in keeping with our zero waste to landfill ethos.

As a major contributing factor to it’s environmentally friendly service of handling food waste that is produced in commercial kitchens in the region, Eco Food Recycling has chosen Eco Sustainable Solutions because of its fully licensed EU Category 3 Invessel Composting facility.

Our Food Waste Management Service in detail:

The prolonged process which allows them to process cooked and uncooked meat and foodstuffs from source separated and commercial sources. The material is first of all shredded through a 12mm screen and then put in to sealed units (clamps), where it is left for 10 – 12 days to heat up to a minimum of 70c for at least 1 hour to sterilise. The temperatures are automatically monitored and recorded during this period. Once the batch has reached the required standard and is sampled and analysed, it is moved outside for maturation for a further 12 – 14 weeks. After this, the nutrient rich compost is screened (with any plastic residue separated) and used on their turf fields to replenish the soil harvested during the turf process, thereby allowing the growth of sustainable and nutrient rich turf.

The management of food waste will be enhanced in the very near future when Eco Sustainable Solutions opens it’s new Anaerobic Digester ( AD ) plant in West Dorset whereby commercial food waste will be turned into renewable energy.

Local businesses will now benefit in the knowledge that the food waste that is produced within their own kitchen and preparation environment will be handled safely by a recognised waste carrier that specialises in the handling of commercial food waste.

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