Food Waste Collection

Eco Food  Recycling has pioneered a new commercial food waste collection and recycling service to meet the increasing demand from local businesses including schools, colleges/universities, hotels, restaurants, pubs and large company canteens who want to have their food waste recycled.  Landfill, which has always been the preferred option of waste management companies is no longer the cheapest option for this waste.

Why fill up landfill with waste that doesn’t need to be there? Food waste recycling starts with adequate food waste collection and disposal, that is why we provide bins and bags to our clients to making things easier for both ends. Our clients can start disposing their food waste into appropriate bins and bags ready for collection and recycling. Order yours now and start recycling too!.

Food Waste Disposal and Collection

We take our food waste to an in-vessel composting facility where it is composted to produce organic fertilisers for farmland, thus reducing the need for chemical fertilisers. In the near future we will have access to a new Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant that is currently under construction in West Dorset.

How it works

Our food waste collection service starts by delivering you a bin to store your food waste bags ready for collection. The bins that you have will depend on the amount of food waste that you produce but will normally be a 240 ltr two wheeled bin. We do not recommend the use of anything larger because of the weight and health and safety regulations when collecting your commercial food waste.

We will deliver bio-degradeable (compostable) food waste bags that you must use for all of your food waste. These  bio-degradeablebags food waste bags are strong and have been certified to EN-13432 which is the internationally recognized standard for compostable and biodegradeable food waste bags within the EU.

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