Q. What food waste can be put in the biodegradeable bag?

A. Meat and fish scraps (including small bones),eggs and eggshells, dairy products, tea bags and coffee grinds, other food waste, paper and cardboard food packaging, paper napkins, paper hand towels.

Q. What cannot be put in the biodegradeable bag?

A. Large bones, glass, metals/foils, plastic packaging, any other types of rubbish.

Q.Do you supply different size bags ?

A. We supply 40 litre,70 litre and 100 litre bags.

Q. When can my commercial food waste be collected?

A. Either weekly or pre-arranged daily collections.

Q. Is commercial food waste recycling more expensive for my company or organisation?

A. It can actually be cheaper. Currently the vast majority of commercial food waste is put in your Euro Bin with various other waste and taken to landfill. If you put your food waste in a separate food waste recycling bin then you will not need as large a bin for your other waste or you could arrange for it to be collected less frequently resulting in lower costs.Our expierience and stats show that up to 80% of the weight in your Euro bin is made up of food waste but only 20% of the volume. If you take your food waste out and divert it from landfill then you can go to your current waste carrier and tell them that your bin is possibly 80% lighter, they tip by weight at their disposal site, and you want a reduction on your bin lift price. This will offset the cost of recycling your food waste.

Q. Can Eco Food Recycling provide a waste bin for my kitchen?

A. We provide the bins that are kept outside of your kitchen area but we can also provide special food waste bins for your kitchen and food preparation area and these are commonly known as kitchen caddies.

Q. Are you a registered waste carrier?

A. Yes we are, we are regulated by the Environment Agency who grant the license.

Q. What happens to my food waste when it is collected by Eco Food Recycling?

A. When we have collected your commercial food waste we will take it to our dedicated processing plant to be 100 % recycled.

Q. What size bins are supplied?

A. We generally supply 240 litre two wheeled bins and do not use the larger size bins because of the weight of general food waste is generally heavier than other waste and this can cause Health & Safety issues. Also it means that you can have the smaller bin closer to your kitchen than the 1100 litre Euro Bin that is normally provided by general waste carriers.

Q. Are the bins lockable to prevent unauthorised users disposing of their waste?

A. The bins do not come as lockable but there is an option to lock the bins upon request.

Q. Can I deposit food waste that has passed it’s expiry date in the bag?

A. Yes you can provided it has been removed from its plastic packaging.

Q. Can I use normal plastic bags and bin liners?

A. No. You can only use the special biodegradeable bags that are supplied by Eco Food Recycling. Normal bags will not decompose or render down. They cannot be processed at the treatment plant and will be classed as contamination.

Q. Can I put my food waste directly into the bin supplied?

A. Preferably  you should place it first into the biodegradeable bags supplied but you can put naked food waste directly into the bins but it is then more likely to attract vermin and will certainly cause some hygiene problems within the bin and possibly back to the kitchen and food preparation area.

Q. What happens if I am running out of the biodegradeable bags that you supply?

A. Contact us immediately, with as much prior notice as you can and we will have them delivered to you. As a last resort, place your food waste in a black bin liner, and when your new bag supply arrives it will have to be transferred into the biodegradeable bags. The bags will be supplied upon request so we would suggest that you order more bags as soon as you start a new roll.

Q.Can you make one off collections such as a freezer breakdown in my kitchen and the food being contaminated ?

A.Yes we certainly can, just contact our sales department and we will give you an instant quotation and arrange collection and disposal of your food waste. We can even liase with your Insurers for you.

Q.What area’s do you cover for your food waste collections ?

A. We currently collect food waste in Dorset,Hampshire,Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex but specialise in Bournemouth, Poole,Christchurch, Ringwood,Wimborne and the surrounding area’s.