Bulk Food Waste Disposal

Ensure the safe, secure and eco-friendly destruction of supply chain food waste with our bulk food waste disposal service.

Bulk food waste disposal service for thawed or unfit-for-consumption foods

Whether you require a regular bulk food waste disposal or destruction service or a one-off food recycling solution for palletised food, Eco Food Recycling can help you ensure your food waste is dealt with quickly, efficiently and privately along with being legally compliant with DEFRA and there Waste Hierarchy policy.

Our network of specialist vehicles offer nationwide coverage and rapid response, and will dispose of any collected food waste safely at an anaerobic digestion facility to be recycled into clean, low-carbon energy.

Disposal of Thawed Food Waste

The number one problem that calls for the need for destruction of palletised food is the thawed food waste, perhaps caused by a freezer container breakdown or other technical malfunction.

Leaving such waste unattended  on your premises can create an air pollution problem or attract vermin which results in a loss of revenue. By using our network of registered bulk waste disposal carriers, you’re guaranteeing compliance to any waste disposal measures, and avoiding breaches of Health and Safety along with a zero waste to landfill solution.

Brand Confidentiality

We understand that protecting your brand and it’s reputation are huge priorities for your business, which is why we treat each of our customers security with the same care we put into our own. It is of paramount importance that your food products are collected and destroyed in a secure fashion.

All the facilities we partner with are as serious about brand confidentiality as we are, ensuring high-security destruction of food waste, with a secure destruction certificate if required.

Bulk food waste disposal service for supermarkets

Supermarket and Supply Chain Food Waste Disposal

Our cross-country network of palletised food waste disposal experts specialise in helping supermarkets deal with a huge variety of food waste. Whether past it’s use-by date, a mis-labelled batch, product re-call or an accident, dealing with supermarket and supply chain food waste has never been easier.

Whether it’s packaged food waste or unpackaged, we can accomodate any situation including Cat 3 ABP ( animal by products ) material.

Anaerobic Digestion Disposal

At Eco Food Recycling we pride ourselves on offering zero waste to landfill solutions for all levels of the food supply chain, which is why we dispose of all possible food waste at state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion facilities that can help put clean, renewable biogas to work and help reduce carbon-dependancy along with creating renewable energy.

Bulk food waste disposal service with national coverage


Recycling your food waste can help to minimise your environmental impact, whilst ensuring confidentiality by our secure destruction process.  Wherever possible, we will reclaim packaging material including steel, aluminium, glass, cardboard wood and plastic.

Recycling and recovery from the process not only maintains our customers confidentiality by ensuring that the product has lost its identity, but also gives a zero waste to landfill solution resulting in cost savings by avoiding the ever increasing financial duty of landfill tax.


For all enquiries about the collection, and disposal of supermarket and supply chain palletised food waste contact:  sales@ecofoodrecycling.co.uk