Bulk Food Waste Collection

Collection vehicle 009 small Bulk Food Waste Collection

Eco Food Recycling offer a service for “one off” food waste collections that can be caused by any of the following:

  • Freezer breakdown causing food  to defrost and needing disposal
  • Contaminated food waste
  • Out of date food that requires disposal
  • Regrigerated vehicle malfunction causing food to defrost and needing disposal
  • Incorrect batching of food stuffs that need to be collected
  • Bulk food waste from special events
  • Mobile freezer breakdown as used by many Hotels for overstock situations
  • Cold store breakdown
  • Food waste that has been over supplied and needs disposal
  • Site clearance of food waste
  • Property clearance where rotting food waste is found in fridges and freezers
  • Unusable foodstuffs that require disposal
  • Excess stock, past sell by date

Any CAT 3 food, that is basically fit for human consumption – prior to being unsuitable to eat can be collected in our special food waste collection vehicles. These collections would not need to be regular you can just contact our Sales team and they will quote you a collection and disposal price for your food waste and arrange for our vehicle and staff to attend your premises.

Most stock damaged food waste caused by freezer and refrigerated vehicle breakdown can be claimed on your Insurance Policy and we can liase directly with them or Invoice the food waste collection site.

Food waste that is left inside or outside commercial premises can attract vermin and rodents in a very short space of time and we strongly recommend that any food waste that needs to be disposed of is done so as quickly as possible by calling Eco Food Recycling, the food waste specialists.

Bulk food waste collection that is out of date or has been defrosted by freezer malfunction or accident  can be collected by Eco Food Recycling in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire,Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex.

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